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GirlsInTech X Free Resources

GirlsInTech is opening doors to a wide range of opportunities by offering free resources to individuals seeking to advance their skills and cultivate new ones across diverse fields in the Tech Industry. These resources encompasses online courses, interactive workshops, informative webinars, mentorship programs, and networking events. With these free resources provided by the GirlsInTech Team, aspiring professionals can unlock their potential, develop valuable skills, and access a supportive community. By democratizing access to education and development opportunities, GirlsInTech helps individuals excel in their chosen paths and contributes to a more diverse and dynamic workforce.


Codeacademy is a popular learning platform that provides interactive coding courses to help individuals develop their programming skills...

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FreeCodeCamp is a renowned learning platform that offers free coding courses, projects, and certifications to help individuals master web development skills.

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TryHackMe is a popular online platform that provides hands-on cybersecurity training through interactive virtual environments, enabling learners to enhance their practical skills and knowledge in a gamified learning environment..

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edX is an esteemed online learning platform known for its comprehensive programming courses, covering a wide array of languages and technologies to enhance coding skills and proficiency.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a widely recognized learning platform that offers a diverse range of subjects, including programming, providing free educational resources to learners worldwide.

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NDG Linux Unhatched

Netacad's "NDG Linux Unhatched" course is a valuable online resource that introduces learners to the basics of Linux operating system, providing foundational knowledge and practical skills in a user-friendly manner.

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MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is an exceptional learning platform that provides free access to a vast collection of courses and materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including programming and computer science subjects.

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Agile by Class Central

Class Central offers a specialized section on Agile, presenting a curated collection of online courses from various providers that cover Agile methodologies, principles, and practices, empowering learners to adopt agile approaches in their projects and organizations.

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Scrum by Class Central

Class Central offers a dedicated section on Scrum, providing a curated list of online courses from different platforms to help learners master the Agile framework for project management and software development.

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