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Empowering the Community: GirlsInTech's Charitable Donations for the Less Privileged in Port Harcourt

GirlsInTech's heartwarming event in Port Harcourt brought together the community to donate and support the less privileged. Empowering lives, spreading hope, and fostering compassion, we made a lasting impact...

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African Women's Day

🌟 Africa's Women's Day (AWD) 31st July is almost here! 🌟
As our tradition is, every day in the month of July we will recognize the achievements of an African Woman!
This year 2023, we will be celebrating African Female Founders and CEOs!
Theme: ‘’Empowered Women, Empowered Africa“
This year, AWD has partnered with GirlsInTech Nigeria for this awareness campaign!
✨We invite Sponsors, Partners, and Donors to support the initiative!✨

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